The story of us

Digitally Diversified was founded in 2022 based on the idea that ALL people should be able to be heard, tell their story and be represented. The idea was founded on the belief that everyone has a story and everyone has the right to share it.

Co-Founder, Angela Duke started her photography career at the Art Institute of Portland in 2007 and has been capturing memories for family and friends ever since. She decided to expand her career after meeting her partner - in life and in business after seeing a need for diversity, acceptance and inclusion in the industry.

Together, they have built a business founded primarily on these core principles. 

Angela has taken numerous Photography and digital media courses at the Art Institute of Portland as well as online to develop her skill, followed by extensive training and management at a corporate photo studio. 

Co-Founder and business manager Kulthum Robertson, has a long history of social media marketing and business experience including business development, brand management, digital media design, acquisition, social media expansion and promotion.

They’re both also pursuing degrees in psychology and counseling which puts an emphasis on their connection to and understanding of their customers, and building lifelong relationships with the people that they work with. 

With Love, Angela & Kulthum


Amanda & Steve

“I think you did a fantastic job. You have a knack for this! Your professionalism and readiness was extremely impressive! A few other people mentioned to me how they were impressed as well, saying, "she really knows what she is doing!”

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